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The Burke Family

Rory and I are blessed with five beautiful children. In January 2019, following my twenty-week checkup, our unborn son, Baby Rory, was diagnosed with Trisomy 18- a life-limiting condition. We were offered the option of termination. That wasn't an option for us, so we decided to carry him to term and care for our sick son no matter the length of his life. We wanted Baby Rory to write his own story and allow his life to unfold as designed.

Baby Rory was born June 12, 2019, and lived on earth for five precious days. We were able to meet him, spend time with him, and bring him home with us. His four sisters were able to hold him, give him his first bath and make many memories with their beloved brother until his gentle and natural death. We were so fortunate to have had a few friends who, with their personal experience, offered us immeasurable love, guidance, and support during our journey.

One friend, in particular, was strong support through our son's diagnosis, pregnancy, birth, and passing. We witnessed firsthand how this support, carrying us through this, affected our family profoundly. The reality of our humanity is mothers and fathers will have sick babies whose lives are much shorter but valuable. Parents will lose their precious baby, no matter the decision they choose, but how they face this difficult and heartbreaking situation can profoundly affect them and their other children for the remainder of their lives.

After our son Rory's life and death, our family can openly talk about and share our son's life. We are blessed with photos and videos as constant reminders of our son and brother, who in now in Heaven. Many parents who choose other options suffer silently for the remainder of their lives, unable to acknowledge their deceased child.

This infinitely connects our family to the next world with hope and peace, knowing we will see Baby Rory again. We have a news clip on our family below that we would like to share with you to show how through this tragic situation, much beauty is there also.

Keara- Baby Rory's Mother

You just heard the worst news of your lives. Now what? My husband, Rory, and I want to provide you and your family with the same additional personalized support, love, and guidance we received during this precious and emotional time. Mothers, I wish to help empower you with your authentic femininity to embrace and submit to your maternal nature. Fathers, we want to support you in exhibiting your masculinity of being the protectors of your children, especially right now at their most vulnerable, being sick with their terminal illness.

This balanced perspective of you as parents caring for your sick baby through the diagnosis and short life span aligns with nature and a Divine Power and will also allow you to grieve and heal properly. From what I have witnessed personally, this dramatically minimizes any potential negative effects on the mothers' and fathers' psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Grief without regret looks very different from grief with regret. You can parent your precious sick baby for the duration of his/her life here on earth, no matter how short their life may be. Allowing your son or daughter to write their own story and experience this truth holds infinite value. Our son, Rory, did it HIS way. Your baby can do it THEIR way. We are here to walk with you through this whole journey.

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