Our Services

What We Do

  • Emotional and psychological support to parents after receiving an initial life-limiting diagnosis.
  • Walk with mothers and fathers on their journey through their baby’s pregnancy, birth, passing, and the bereavement period that follows.
  • Connect parents with perinatal hospice programs and palliative care teams.
  • Connect parents to appropriate community support
  • Support in the planning of your baby’s arrival and time with you.
  • Provide creative ideas for memorializing your child in thoughtful ways.
  • Assist in arranging Baptism, a photographer, funeral, and burial arrangements.
  • Help alleviate stress and anxiety during your journey so you can enjoy your precious time with your baby no matter how long that may be.
  • Share ideas for siblings with their brother or sister during the pregnancy and/or after birth.
  • Phone sessions with one of our experienced mothers/fathers